After years of experience in this business, we can confidently say that with most projects it is impossible to give a firm price without knowing the client's specific requirements. The prices below are only guidelines so you can get an idea of what price range to expect.

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    * Basic HTML Maintenance or programming: $55/hr hhh(RUSH - $65/hr.)

Keeping your site current and relevant is just as important as building the site initially. Outdated information on your site can make your company seem like it's out of business or that it doesn't care about it's customers.

In an effort to make the process of maintaining your site simple and easy, we have decided to offer a "pay as you need it" option for website upkeep. If you don't need any of our services during the month, then you pay nothing and when you need help, you pay our affordable rate, of $55.00 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.

You may contact us at any time for simple HTML maintenance and basic programming.   If you have a working site and do not have time to manage it, we can do that too.

Site maintenance may include:

    * updating company news and contact information

    * adding new product announcements and graphics

    * posting job opportunities or new product listings/offerings

    * announcing new corporate information and recent changes

JT Online Web Design prides itself on providing quick and accurate updates for our clients.   Whether we built your site initially, or if you have an existing site that needs modification, we can help get your site up to date and help make sure it stays that way.

We guarantee a 2-day turn around time on edits, and we usually complete simple maintenance requests within 24 hours of receiving your information. Please note that redesigning your website, changing the navigational system of your site or other major changes do not have a guaranteed 2 day turn-around.

If you expect to update or revise your website on a regular basis, we can design a maintenance plan for you at a discount off the standard hourly fees.


This is for those of you who already have a website and need help optimizing it. Over-all graphic appeal, user-friendliness, design and logo review, copywriting, image makeover, email marketing and more can be reviewed and improved.

    * Detailed Consulting Fees: $65/per. hr.

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